The Guardian of My Body

This article by Dr. Mercola saved my life. I had received root canals due to childhood trauma that permanently damaged my teeth.

I became my own researcher when my white blood count was at an extreme high, not a doctor around could resolve my issue. Their recommendation was oxycodone, Prozac, and Lunesta which messed up my system further, and I quickly abandoned the medications. I was bedridden for two years before my surgeries and three years after my surgeries, resulting in a near-death experience.

My research guided me to an intelligent, holistic dentist, Dr. Alireza Panahpour. Quickly he assessed that I was too ill to operate. He sent me to a naturopathic specialist in Seattle and I began an intensive detox for six months before Dr. Panahpour felt safe enough to do my surgeries.

My second surgery spaced a month apart from each other; my soul watched my body from above the surgery room, as my heart flat-lined when the doctor removed a cyst on my nerve. I witnessed the concern of the physician as the accompanying anesthesiologist lovingly called my name to return to my body. My two oldest children I had requested to film my procedure, stood in panic.

I was finally free of the intensity of pain in the other realm. I was instructed how to heal my body and taught the higher principles from Source. There was no time in this dimension, only a deep reverence, and peace. Then I was told that I wasn’t done with my mission on earth and that I had to return, so I followed the love back to my form. The moment my Soul returned to my body, I again felt the intensity of my pain.

The procedures saved my life. Lab verified gangrene was in my root canals, blood stream, sinus cavity, and jaw bone.

Instructed from spirit, I knew what my body needed to heal. I underwent 120 hyperbaric chamber dives, I had a pic-line placed into my arm to my heart, which was used for intravenous ozone treatments and daily antibiotics. For three hours daily, I received hydro-colon therapy for 1 1/2 years. I offer deep gratitude to Debby Kennedy who lovingly administered our pajama parties that saved my life. I also gratefully received generous donations from many who supported me, as a single mother of five children.

I was a seasoned alternative practitioner myself, with over 20 years of practice. Fortunately, I had the guidance to create my own protocol. I did extensive work to heal my emotional imbalances, and my five-year ordeal resulted in losing all I had; my business, home, money, and way of life.

A lawyer informed me that there wasn’t a lawyer in the country that would touch my malpractice lawsuit case. He informed me that the dental industry would bring their most prestigious specialists to fight against me, and ultimately I would be responsible for their fees. Even though I had all the evidence on my behalf, I would end up the loser in the situation because that is how our justice system works. They do not want the dangers of their money-making opportunities to be known.

I share this story because so many people are blindly following those who assume authority over their health. The medical and dental industries are businesses working for financial gain. If I would have followed the doctor's recommendations, I would have died a grueling death years ago.

I became the guardian of my body and I took my health into my own hands. I listened to my internal guidance, always intending to lovingly heal my body. I am happy to report that the results are that my body is at optimal health and well-being. I worked with honest physicians and alternative healers to get the results I desired. Through this process of refinement, I discovered a depth of wisdom and spiritual connection that profoundly changed my reality.

We are in charge of our own bodies. The deepest form of love we have to offer is to assure we receive the nutrients, clean water, and healing frequencies in our form. There has never been a more important time than now to do our own research.

~Elayne Le Monde 2021

Artist: Christopher Campbell from Unsplash

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