The Hidden Treasures

As ancient Souls, we have designed a specific path for our human incarnation to bring karmic balance from parallel existences through our astrological alignment.

This journey is Soul designed in order to arrive at a place of emptiness, a state of awareness where we recognize divine grace. Only when we release our identity are we able to manifest a new reality.

A necessary part of our journey is to die to the old in order to be reborn to the new. The dark night of the soul is an important process of discovery. It also can not be stopped when the thunderbolt of truth strips one of all they are not in order to discover the authentic essence of what remains.

Ultimately, our purpose in life is to Know Ourselves, the shadows, and beauty. Life is a journey to become the witness of our distortions and in this process, we discover our power as co-creators with Source. In our emptiness, the gifts of our misperceptions are witnessed. The hidden treasures become available when we awaken to the grandeur of the design.

~Elayne Le Monde 2020

Artist: Grant Ritchie from Unsplash

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