The Kaleidoscope of Evolution

My battle for survival taught me the beauty of endearing presence. On the brink of life and death, the Buddha is revealed through rapid life reviews. An opportunity to neutralize misperceptions, judgments, and imbalances by recognizing our loss of power contained within our multi-verse life events. 

Nothing is random. Soul designed, our earthly descent is a process of refinement. Life is meant to strip away our ego in order to reveal the rawness of our authenticity; an ever-refining process of the diamond in the rough. Through our deteriorating flesh, the deep loss of one’s dignity is the catalyst for our enlightenment. To observe and re-write our unconsciousness creations of out-dated thought-forms and beliefs becomes our only quest. 

Within the silence, the dark night of the Soul is the necessary solitude that when embraced reveals the magic of our wounded stories of abuse. The repressed scars within the secrets of our shadows reveal the burning embers our pain. Death of the old is a sacred process of completion and a necessary cleansing that brings a balance of all our lifetimes.   

The complete disregard for the sacredness of life is restored within our hearts. The childlike innocence is the alchemy of our perception revealing the limitless power available when one unhooks from society’s rampant insecurity and seeking fame. We must withdraw from the insatiable trap of the misuse of another; a hefty price will be paid for those that sell their Soul for fortune. 

The glimpse beyond the veil reveals the truth that our consciousness always remains. Death is simply the equivalent of moving from one movie theatre to another. In the transition, one can observe and feel everything in both movies in perfect detail. The unity field of consciousness is our tool to navigate the ethers and to restore the gifts of our lifestream's Mastery. 

Have you ever experience life for the last time? It’s a surreal, slow-motion picture and the most beautiful testament of creation. In the nothingness of our existence, the communion with Mother Earth and her grandeur are where our solace lies. Held within her bosom she nourishes us through her womb’s eternal wisdom. Deep nurturance found within the subtle lessons that can only be witnessed within the silence of her dark, fertile soil. Her cleansing waters are the healing balm whispered through the winds of change. The purifying rays of the sunlight beckon the foundation of our roots to embed within the grandeur of her design.  

Our human experience is taught through the process of life and death. The seasons reveal the impermanence of it all. We must seize the fleeting moments of our presence through this majestic dance of our existence. The miracles of creation are unveiling the magic right before our eyes. The contrast of colors and shapes is the masterpiece in the kaleidoscope of our invariable evolution. 

~Elayne Le Monde

©Elayne Le Monde 2020

Artist: Ivana Cajina from Unsplash

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