The Power of the Feminine

The Power of the Feminine emerges through the remembrance of the sacred path. We must reverence the sanctity of our sexual exchange. We are Divine; God and Goddess creators with infinite potential.

Desensitized through the fantasized image of the feminine, the core wound of our society lies in the disconnection of our sexuality from our heart. We must unravel from the projections of the counterfeit gender division. These are mind-altering programs creating a frequency similar to a virus. Our acceptance of disrespect within our bodies enhances the infestation of our feminine essence and echoes sorrow through the web of life.

The rampant disease of dis-connection from Love comes through our insatiable quest of satisfaction. The duality of the genders is society’s nemesis. Woman are depleted when anything but reverence and honor is brought to their body. Seeking satisfaction outside of Self is a counterfeit frequency. An insatiable quest to justify scattered energy, the lie we tell ourselves is that lust equals freedom. Energetically cording our partners, we treat another as disposable. A perpetuating lack of honor and inability to make a heart connection. We can no longer accept these disempowering vibrations.

The Feminine Power returns full circle through reverence of our sexual essence. The Sacred marriage of the heart with the hara comes through clearing the pain of mis-use. Restoring the love for our bodies, and awakening the Rites of the Feminine principles.

The voice of the womb desires honor as our sacred exchange. Within our Holy Temple, the container of creation arouses the sacred fires of ecstasy. The awakening that must be witnessed and honored through the reverence of pure Love.

The Rise of the Feminine and her magnificent power ignites through devotion of the yoni. She blossoms through the witness of the Beloved. A Sacrament of communion that awakens the cobra and ignites the Mouth of the Goddess. Aroused through communion of true love, the flow of the Living Waters is restorative energy of liberation.

Elayne Le Monde 2019

Artist: Taneli Lahtinen from Unsplash

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