The Womb of Creation

The return to emptiness is a critical space to Be in order to heal and shift perspective. There one discovers the impermanence of it all. We are in a mirror of fractals, a simulation for consciousness to observe itself. The Void, a 9th Dimensional reality is a space of reset that allows us to dream another expression of Self in co-creation with infinite intelligence.

The Void is the womb space of creation, a container where the spheres of consciousness are seedlings implanted for manifestation. Ignited through the merging of duality, the sound and light particles dance in wavelength frequencies, creating an intricate balance through sacred geometry, an expression of merging spirit and soul into form.

Thus the void is a space of co-creation with the Universal Mind. There one realizes identity is an illusion. Source lives through us when we become a hollow bone creating unconditional Love through our intentional focus through presence.

©Elayne Le Monde 2020

Artist: Bob Van Aubel from Unsplash

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