Tranquility is Her Fragrance

Tranquility is her fragrance, a soothing balm of peace. To known her essence one must enter as an open-hearted witness of Love. Harmony echoes through her brilliance, a guiding star rebirthing the perfection of her intricate dance of sacred design.

Bask in her nurturing arms of serenity. Frolic in the sparkling depth within her guiding eyes. The Goddess invokes new creation within her silky darkness. A portal of divine, her treasures are unveiled through the reverence of her holy altar. She is the container within the void, the seeds implanted through love and honor manifest a ripple of evolution. Ignited through the masculine spark into action, her fertile womb brings new life to form through her cleansing breath of wholeness.

In reverence once must enter the mystery of her magic, where alchemy is her hallowed gift witnessed through the burning passion of raw vulnerability. The feminine path is the gateway to our harnessed strength. Flow through the whispering wind of no time and space, her sweet lullabies sing the songs of tenderness. An outpouring of her heart-piercing radiance witnessed in union as the creator’s joy, discovered through the beauty of merging as one with Source. Mastery is the wonderment of love found within the eye of the storm.

~Elayne Le Monde ©Elayne Le Monde 2020

Artwork: NeONBRAND @ Unsplash

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