Transcending the Illusion

It has been happening from the beginning of time. The horror of it All, as well as the beauty of creation. Our judgment of others has to do with our ignorance and expectations; triggers that show us our personal division from wholeness. The key is not to fight the external but to heal the internal. Everyone on the planet has been fed lies and illusions of truth. Earth was designed as a library of learning, a free-will zone. The only rules of the game of life that evil and love must inform us of their intent. This happens through various media, movies, songs, political agendas, all propaganda instruments used to orchestrate their plan. They are masters in their wisdom to use the force-field of creation. Our inherent truth is we are all God/Goddess BEings awakening to the grandeur of our infinite consciousness.

Everything we can imagine exists. It just is what it is.

Wherever we align or blame another for anything, we reveal another layer of distortion that must be brought to our awareness in order to be healed. There is no person outside of ourself that may stop our evolutionary existence. All of our work is an inside job, as our emotions and thoughts create our reality. Our only mission in life is to recognize we are the Creator of our dream.

Observe it all, it’s a reflection of the separation we individually have from Source. Wherever we align or agree to a story or thought-form, it hooks our attention to mind loops that harvests our emotional energy. Our sole purpose in life to merge the scattered and shattered disharmony from our multi-verse lifetimes, healing the perception of pain, and merging all fractal realities into wholeness. There-in the sphere of the feminine essence, we become at One with pure Source and recognize the importance of harnessing our authentic power. All dimensional layers of imbalance must be brought to awareness.

Old Earth is dismantling before our eyes. Like a sliver beneath the skin, truth is emerging and awakening HUmanity from the deep slumber of the veils of illusion. The distance between our present reality and the absolute Knowing of our Divinity is where our work lies. We can’t look back and judge any of the underworld and shadows of our existence, as our journey was Soul’s design and our initiations. We are ancient time-travelers neutralizing timelines through reclaiming our Soul’s fragmented essence from the parallel existences of pain.

We choose our dimensional reality through our focus and heart. Paradise awaits those that have transcended the illusion of time and space. We do this in our re-membering and responsibility as Sovereignty Beings.

~Elayne Le Monde Elayne Le Monde 2020

Artist: Engin Akyurt from Unsplash

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