Veils of the Maya

Earth is a fascinating library of learning. We are born through the veils of the Maya and hypnotized in our formative years from conception to age seven. The thought forms and rules of humanity are generally accepted as truth as they are patterned by the masses. Unless one really challenges this narrative within, one experiences the ‘live to work mentality’, never recognizing the wealth of wisdom that his hidden in plain sight.

At every moment we have a choice point. We may believe the narrative that is being projected to us, or we can question the rat race. We must unlearn what we have been taught and discover the truth that happens in our stillness. Nature is our refuge that teaches us the power of peacefulness. Frequency is our super power and it’s important to shut off the amplification of electrical energy, smart phones, and listening to the media’s agenda, they all distort our frequency. Through our heart one may be guided towards Sovereignty.

We are in the Truman Show folks, we are the participants. The narrative is molding humanity more than ever before because of the advanced technology available. Do not be fooled into thinking that the Maya is real. Our panic feeds the system that harnesses our emotional energy. If we hold our frequency high in the a unified field, our senses lead us to the wormhole to transcend the increasing chaos impacting humanity.

~©Elayne Le Monde 2022

Artist: Greg Rakozy from Unsplash

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