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Inspired by the wisdom of various ancient cultures, Empower Wholeness Healing Retreats hosts a journey to initiate the archaic and innovative practices of energy medicine. Bridging the gap between spirituality and science; Empower Wholeness assists one to recover the passion and life force energy through personal evolution and transformation. Discover the practices that embody states of exceptional health and well-being,

Empower Wholeness Healing Retreats also gives service to the restoration, harmony and balance of Earth as she undergoes the unprecedented transformations at this time.

Elayne Le Monde is the founder of Empower Wholenes LLC. She is a Quantum Holographic Intuitive, Gridworker, WayShower, Ambassador of the Sacred Divine Feminine, Transformational Coach, Light Language Activator, and Earth Transition Activator. Elayne has had 18 years clinical experiences as a Certified Advanced Practictioner in Neuro Energectic Kinesiology and Level 3 Practictioner in the Energy Kinesiology Association. Elayne has also had extensive training and practices as a Transformational, Spiritual & Wellness Coach, Distance Healing and Life Transitions. Elayne is a certified & licensed Heal Your Life workshop leader. Elayne is also a facillitator and founder of Empower Wholeness Healing Retreats and co-author of Beyond Beautiful and Methods of the Masters.

Elayne LeMonde
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