Sacred Divine FeminineRetreat 

TBD 2020


The Power of the Goddess has been prophesied as the saving grace of our planet in this unprecedented time. We the Keepers of Wisdom are being called to gather the Sacred gifts of unity that supports the journey of wholeness not only for ourselves, but also as Wayshowers for HUmanity. We must stand in our raw essence and beauty, anchored to the crystalline core of Gaia and the heart-grid. As ONE we pulse our Soul's creation through our united vision and Dream of a New world that allows freedom for all to Be the full measure of creation.   

The wild nature of our naked Self and it's passion must blaze it's radiant Light. In balanced harmony of our softness and strength. We hold the keys to restore the natural rhythms of the Divine Goddess in our lives and for and in behalf of the inhabitants of Gaia, her kingdoms, and elementals Earth, Water, Air , Fire, and Ethers. 

Program outline:  June 2-7, 2020

Day 1:  Arrive at Big Bear, Welcome Drumming Ceremony

Day 2:  Illuminated Goddess Celebration - Luminous Energy Medicine

Day 3:  The Destroyer Goddess: Healing the Imprints of the Womb

Day 4:  The Nurturer Goddess - Restoring Divine Love

Day 5:  The Creator Goddess - The Rainbow Body

Day 6:  Embodied Goddess Celebration

Day 01 – June 2      Welcome To  Big Bear


Arrive at the Hotel and check in. 

Welcome Drumming Celebration of the Goddess 

Day 02 – June 3            Celebration of the Luminous Energy Medicine

Morning     Meditation Session and Intention Setting with Elayne.

We RISE early to communion and free-flowing movement in honor of the Divine Mother. Renewing our energy through the Sacred Waters we activate the Goddess within. 

Lite lunch will be served. 

PM  We gather with our visions from the healing energy of the Luminous Sacred Energy medicine. We RECEIVE the activations of the Lemurian Goddess codes and keys. Artistic expression of our unique journey together, we create a visual of our womb and the transformational state of our expanded witness. 

Day 03 – June 4            The Destroyer Goddess: Healing the Imprints of the Womb 


Morning     Meditation Session and Intention Setting with Elayne.

The Destroyer Goddess 

This morning  we extract the wisdom of the culmination of your experiences, letting go of the past on a whole new level. We restore the magic of your darkness and gifts of the shadow. Heal the energy imprints of the womb. 


Connect with a class partner and explore and share your wisdom. 

PM Activate authentic wisdom and Intuition, honoring your Soul’s journey. We Awaken the Voice of the Womb, unleashing the wild sensuality and igniting the passion. Reveal the Mysteries of Creation through the womb's voice of strength and authentic power.

Day 04 – June 5         The Nurturer Goddess

Morning     Meditation Session and Intention Setting with Elayne.

We nurture the pure love for Self, exploring the power and fulfillment from within. United we heal the mother wound, discovering the inner compassion for Motherhood. Awaken  a new depth of love from your heart’s flame.

Day 05 – June 6              

  The Creator Goddess


Morning     Meditation Session and Intention Setting with Elayne.


We start the day with awakening the Feminine Hara and the Sacred marriage of the Heart. Manifesting your Soul’s song, united we embrace a new vision of living life in expansive creativity through the grandeur of the Sacred land.  We conceive your unique expression through the awakened inception, expansion, and passion of your Soul's purpose.


PM     Back at our hotel we harness your creational energies, conceive your unique expression, and ignite the Sovereign


Celebration Ceremony and Goddess Graduation




Day 06 – June 7           The Embodied Goddess


Morning     Meditation Session and Intention Setting with Elayne.

Awards, Group Photo, Farewell

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  • Services of an accompanying tour guide

  • Snacks on excursions

  • Art supplies for projects

  • Complimentary bottled water 



  • Passport services

  • All Accommodations at the Sheraton (Ask for special discounts for Empower Wholeness) 

  • All Meals unless stated

  • Flights to and from Hawaii.

  • Travel insurance (recommended)

  • Transportation

  • Extra Beverages during meals (outside of coffee, tea or water)

  • Tip and gratuity for your tour staff (guide and driver) 

  • Personal expenses such as laundry, phone calls, Spa, internet, etc.

Retreats Include:


  • Tibetan Five RItes daily

  • Keys and code activations, energetic attunments and up-leveling activations

  • Physical/Emotional/Energetic Neuro Pathway Balancing,  Brain Integration, Holographic Chakra and Energetic Balance

  • Drumming Celebration

  • Cacoa Ceremony

  • Housing arrangements available (preference and occupancy may alter prices)

  • You design your own personal experience with the perfect balance of transformation and discovery

  • Creative project to anchor new awareness


Marina Resort 

Address: 40770 Big Bear Blvd,

Big Bear Lake, CA, 92315, United States


Phone: 866-539-5067

Ask for the reserved rooms for the

June 2-7, 2020 Sacred Divine Feminine Rites Retreat

reserved for Elayne LeMonde and Empower Wholeness LLC


Food available at surrounding restaurants

Single or double occupancy arrangements

Sacred Divine Feminine Retreat

TBD 2020

Big Bear, CA  

with Elayne Le Monde and

McKell Lemon

Boise, ID

TBD 2020

with Elayne Le Monde 


Sedona, AZ

TBD  2020 

with Elayne LeMonde 




Zen Commitment, (Non-Refundable) 


Elaye Le Monde


Harnessing the raw energy of the shadow, Elayne inspires the unveiling miracles of alchemy. Elayne's nurturing love has moved many through trauma, suffering, and pain to the awakening of One's authentic expression and awareness.


Elayne's comprehensive work ignites a guiding presence of the Feminine Mysteries. Arousing the Creative powers of pure expression, her sensitive nature and inspiring love awakens thriving awareness as the Erotic Creator. 

Elayne holds Keys, codes of the Sacred Divine Feminine Mystery. 

Creater of the Sacred Divine Feminine Rites, The Erotic Creator Rites, and the Sexual Sacrament Rites she teaches one to use the powers of within to manifest miracles.