Elayne Le Monde

Elayne is an Emissary for the Sacred Divine Feminine and Keeper of the Flame of DIvine Union. Through tonal vibrations and heart-cohesion; she unveils the Mysteries of the Feminine Essence, attuning One to the Cosmic keys and codes.
Elayne Le Monde

Quantum Intuitive

Pure Source Light

Quantum Intuitive is a name coined by Elayne that explains her intuitive ability to integrate and access not only this lifestream, but also parallel lifestreams, dimensions, and various planetary existences. Often parallel lifestreams bleed over into our current reality, where subconscious patterns and programs rule, playing out the drama until we may heal our core. Integrating our soul fragments frees up energy that is trapped in other dimensions, time, and space. On a subconscious level, patterns play out and rule our current reality until we become the observer of these patterns and consciously choose to integrate the shattered parts of Self. Reading the Akashic records, Elayne creates a cohesive integration and healing through merging dimensional realities.

Light Language Activations

Pure Source Light

Light Language is a method of healing that bypasses the mental mind. It is an eternal language that has the capacity to connect through Source, in order to awaken the keys and codes in one’s holographic field. Light Language flows freely through Elayne, often teaching her new concepts and bringing in information that is only available through the sacred tones and sounds. The body receives and uses the information to rewrite old patterns and frequencies for the highest potential lives through us.

Medicine Buddha

Attuned through Tenzin Lama Sherpa

Attuned and activated by Tenzin Lama Sherpa from Nepal, Elayne holds the powers of healing of the Medicine Buddha. To know our suffering gives one access to cure the source cause, thus returning to the Primordial medicine embodied in our Sacred bodies. The Medicine Buddha is the highest possible model of a healer. Among the 12 vows the Medicine Buddha is said to have taken is that of curing just by the invocation of his name or the thought of Him. He was worshipped as the dispenser of spiritual medicine that could cure spiritual, psychological, and physical disease. ~ soledout.org

Reiki Master

Attuned through Tenzin Lama Sherpa

Reiki is a spiritual practice and alternative therapy. Developed by Mikao Usui around the year 1922 in Japan, attunements are necessary from a lineage of Reiki Masters to receive the transfer of energy. Our physical, emotional, mental, and etheric bodies are our light body, which must be balanced, integrated, and cleared for optimal well-being. Transmitting Universal Life Force Energy, the frequency accesses our human potential for healing. Reiki allows the practitioner to become a portals of Light in order to transmit deep energy through laying on of hands. Elayne is attuned and activated by Tenzin Lama Sherpa from Nepal.

Neuro Energetic Kinesiology

Founded by Hugo Tobar

We all have the ability to heal ourselves. However, when healing does not occur, it usually means there is a blockage in one of our pathways. Muscle monitoring is a way to get biofeedback from the subconscious and access the source of stress levels in virtually all systems of the body. After the stress has been identified, the practitioner can find the appropriate correction technique to clear the imbalance. When the muscles are properly connected to the brain, the body is able to communicate through the muscles, allowing access for healing. Neuro Energetic Kinesiology balances the physical, emotional, and energetic structures of the body. By using hand modes and acupressure points, the body recognizes this as a language which allows the practitioner to work with many possibilities which include but are not limited to the following: the Chakra and Celestial Hologram, Brain Hologram, Immune and Vaccination Pathways, Holographic Hormones, Nutritional and Biochemical Pathways, Neural Emotional Pathways, Neurotransimitters, Primitive Reflexes of the Brainstem and more. Elayne has studied the Holographic Pathways with the founder Hugo Tobar. She has over 2000 hours of training, as well as 25 years of clinical practice in Holographic Healing.

Brain Integration

Founded by Dr. Charles Krebs

Elayne is practitoner in Brain Integration, completing the program founded by: Dr. Charles Krebs, A Revolutionary Way of Thinking, has constructed a model of brain integration. He created a system that can restore brain integration that may range from the simple loss of integration in specific circumstances, to things that occurred in early life which have resulted in on-going disintegrated brain function. There are many causes that underlie what creates stress for each person but there are several common factors that can cause loss of brain integration. Four of the major causes are as follows (see page 207 of A Revolutionary Way of Thinking): **- Instantaneous circumstantial stress**: Occurs in a particular situation and only lasts for the duration of the situation. **- Disintegration of a specific brain function**: Results from being exposed to a certain type of stressor. (i.e. losing integration in a particular part of math, etc.) **- Corpus callosum shutdown**: Originates as a coping mechanism for stresses in that may have occurred in early childhood, and is usually an on-going state. **- Deep level switching**: Deep level of confusion in mental processing. Gestalt and Logic information is switched. This has the most profound effects related to poor brain integration.


Founded by George Goodheart

Kinesiology was developed in the 1960's by chiropractors in the USA. Kinesiology is now the world's fastest growing natural therapy. Kinesiology uses muscle monitoring to assess and correct imbalances in the body's different structures. In the model of Kinesiology there is a connection between the physical structures such as the muscles, bones, hormones, neurology, etc and energetic structures such as the aura, charkas, meridian, etc. Muscle monitoring gives the practitioner the ability to assess the stress levels in physical and energetic structures. After the source of the stress has been identified, muscle monitoring allows the practitioner to find what would be the most appropriate correction technique to correct the imbalance. This eliminates the need for guess work, thereby making the correction very efficient. The correction techniques used are typically acupressure, reflexology, emotional stress diffusion, sound healing (tuning forks, body chimes, etc.), light and color therapy, flower essences, chakra balancing, and more.


Founded by Phillip Rafferty

Kinergetics is a form of Kinesiology that uses muscle monitoring to identify stress or dysfunction in the body’s energy field. It can be used to find blocks or sabotages in personal growth, imbalances in the physical body, and mental and emotional stress. Working with the body’s energy fields, Kinergetics is effective in helping in a wide range of health problems, especially where the underlying factor is related to emotional stress. Kinergetics also improves the body’s ability to utilize water, hydration, and elimination of various toxins in the body. Kinergetics has shown resulted in great improvements for those suffering from heavy metal/anaesthetic, or chemical sensitivity. It also helps identify and clear stresses in the subtle bodies, where physical manifestations are often caused. Balancing the energy field of the body helps to strengthen weak areas that may be caused from injury or illness. The balancing process then allows the body to repair itself.

Applied Physiology

Mentored by Adam Leham

Applied Physiology is a holistic therapy based on the well-being of structural, chemical, mental, and emotional balance. Disturbances in our life energy result in imbalance in these systems. Muscle testing does not measure the pure physical strength of a muscle. It measures how the nervous system controls its muscle function. Muscle testing helps bypass the conscious thinking process to isolate causal factors in the subconscious, body, and etheric levels. This helps to identify disturbed energy patterns in the body’s various systems, reflecting the body’s overall state of health. The meridian system is an important system that conveys the life force energy to every aspect of the body. Each muscle in the body has a direct energetic relationship with its primary meridian, in addition it has secondary connections with every other meridian in the body. Because each meridian is influenced by the other meridians, it forms an energetic hologram. Stress holding patterns are held in these holographic interconnections. Most people live in a compensated state of balanced imbalances. Applied Physiology works to restore the balance in the energy systems of the body and bring homeostasis to the system. Depending on the body’s priority, tuning forks, color light therapy, acupressure, hand/foot polarity reflexology, flower essences, neurolymphathic and/or neruovascular massage, or acu-touch may be used to balance the systems.

Chakra and Meridian Balancing

Founded by Hugo Tobar

Chakras are described as being spinning wheels of light. It is believed that the Chakras transduce spiritual energy down through the auric layers to the physical body. They have an inter-relation with physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Each chakra processes vibrational energy of specific frequencies. The effects of etheric, astral, and higher vibrational inputs translate into biological manifestations via our unique endocrine system. The endocrine system has been referred to as the physical interface of the charka system, as the meridian/acupuncture system is the physical/etheric interface of Chi. Thus; the charka system affects every cell of our physical bodies, every blood cell, every nerve cell, which also affects every physiological function. The charka system encompasses every aspect of humanity; physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. The Chakra Hologram discovers what each charka represents when it is displaying an imbalance , and accesses the plane in which the aberration occurs, correlating this plane with its actual meaning. Once the imbalance has been identified, it can then be rebalanced by bringing the cause of the problem to conscious awareness and then balanced through Kinesiology techniques. This process assists clients to discover the reason behind their condition, identify recurring patterns, and then enables them to move forward in their lives. This process works with acute and chronic physical ailments, as well as with emotional and mental conditions.

Rapid Eye Technology

Founded by Renae Johnson

Rapid Eye Technology is a spiritual technology that affects the physical, emotional, and mental levels. Using blinking, breathing, and eye movements techniques, it simulates the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) process that occurs during sleep. The REM process occurs during the dreaming state, and is our body's natural discharge mechanism. During the REM sleep, we integrate our days experiences, process emotions, and clear energy. The eyes move rapidly under the eyelids and twitching or blinking occurs. By using an eye directing device in a neurolinguistic pattern in front of the clients eyes, the peripheral vision triggers the brain to think it is in REM sleep. The client blinks rapidly and breathes, which helps release deeply trapped emotions and energy in the body and mind. This process helps to release negative thoughts, emotions, and beliefs that add to emotional stress.


Founded by Dr. Edward Bach

Essential oils are the volatile liquids that are distilled from plants. Essential oils are capable of penetrating cell walls. They affect every cell of the body within 20 minutes and are metabolized like nutrients in the body. They aid the body because they contain oxygen molecules which help transport nutrients to starving human cells. Because nutritional deficiency is an oxygen deficiency, lack of oxygen in the cells causes disease since the cell is unable to assimilate the nutrients. Essential oils are powerful antioxidants, and destroy bacteria and viruses while restoring balance to the body. They also add in detoxifying the cells and blood in the body. They promote emotional, physical, and spiritual healing by raising the frequency of the human body, restoring it to its normal, healthy levels.

Flower Essence Homeopathy

Flower essences are the vibrational imprint of a flower that has been transferred and stabilized in water. The vital force of the flower works as a vibrational healing modality. Flower essences assist to bring emotional energies to the surface and help dissolve them. Thus helping to transform specific attitudes, feelings, and thoughts to cause a shift in consciousness, bringing greater harmony within.

Craniosacral Therapy

Mentored by Nancy Wilson

The craniosacral system is made up of cerebro spinal fluid and membranes that surround and protect the spinal cord and neck. It extends from the cranium bones which include bones of the skull, face, and mouth down to the tailbone area called the sacrum. By releasing restrictions of the craniosacral system with a light touch, it helps improve the functioning of the central nervous system. Craniosacral works by assisting the body's natural healing mechanisms. The gentle touch helps to release the blockages and stress on the central nervous system. Imbalance in the craniosacral system can cause sensory motor and/or neurological disabilities. The development and the performance of the brain and spinal cord is vital. The craniosacral system has a rhythm or pulse similar to the cardiovascular system. Monitoring the rhythm helps the practitioner pinpoint the source of obstruction or stress. Through light touch, the practitioner can assist the natural movement of the fluid to help the body self-correct. Craniosacral helps bolster overall health and resistance to disease, is beneficial to those with head, neck, or back injuries, stress-related dysfunctions, TMJ, and sensory disorders.

Earth Transitions Practitioner

Founded by Christan Hummel

Elayne is trained and certified by Earth Transitions to do private space clearing sessions for individual properties. Through the Earth Transitions process, Elayne aligns and attunes the energies of a space to their highest possible potential of expression. Working with the energies of a property shifts the focus from physical placement to cleansing and clearing the energy. Focusing on the energetic life of your property by neutralizing and balancing energetic distortions allows every aspect of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual life to be enhanced. Imbalances are caused by such things as noxious earth energies, energetic imprints from ancestors or other entities, traumas from the past, and any interference with the natural perfect order, harmony and balance of your property. While the land is a record keeper of all the energetic imprints of the past, perfection is the natural state of being, and that what we call “disease” or “disharmony” is a divergence either consciously or unconsciously from that perfected state. Space clearing is really a return to this perfected state of creation.

Neuro Organization Technique

Founded by Dr. Carl Ferreri

Neural Organization Work is a holistic physical and energetic medicine modality, based in Applied Kinesiology, which deals with our basic survival systems of fight/flight, feeding/immune, and reproduction. Our health depends on how well these systems are maintained and their ability to receive, process, and respond to sensory information in a constantly changing environment of both internal and external stressors. Treatment is based in a sensory receptor-based therapy utilizing primarily skin surface reflexes designed to normalize nervous system function. In 1978 Dr. Carl Ferreri, a practicing chiropractic physician from New York, combined the basic concepts of Applied Kinesiology with energetic medicine to produce a body of work he called Neural Organization Technique. This technique holds as its premise that everything that happens to us on a physical, chemical, or emotional level must be processed through one or more of the basic survival systems. Our reaction to these stimuli will not be random but one of a chain of neuro-biochemical events always designed to maximize our survivability. This is accomplished by constantly monitoring both the internal and external environment through a vast array of information gathering sensors within the autonomic component of our central nervous system. Illnesses, pain, toxicity, scoliosis, fatigue, etc. all represent compensatory states. It is the goal of Neural Organization Work to undo these compensatory states and return the body (central nervous system) back to its original operating parameters. Building on this technique, Dr. Mitchell Corwin, a chiropractic physician in California, has added components that reset the body's ability to function efficiently. Neural Organization Work addresses the basic survival systems and enables the body to heal. The involvement of the fight/flight survival system is a key factor in most musculo-skeletal problems. The ability to stand erect and move against gravity is maintained by a complex system of body centering reflexes that are composed of a multitude of sensory input devices constantly feeding back sensory information to the central nervous system. When these input devices malfunction, mostly due to physical trauma (accident or injury), confusion exists and our nervous system attempts to compensate, resulting in reduced efficiency. It is because of this compensatory state that one becomes prone to injury or worse, failure to heal. An extreme example is the condition of scoliosis. Here the spine appears twisted and distorted, but from what? Is it possible that this may represent a grossly compensatory state of a centering problem, i.e. being stuck in a frozen walking step/gait position? If so, then the most appropriate treatment is not bracing, stretching, or exercise, but one of first reestablishing center (neutral gait) and second reducing the compensatory reactive muscle scoliosis state. The spinal distortion component of scoliosis, caused by a reactive adaptive muscle imbalance of spinal and skeletal postural muscles, can be eliminated quickly and efficiently, often at the initial office visit. The immune system and endocrine system are also severely impacted by the flight or flight response of the body to traumas. Once the structural system has been reset then the immune and endocrine systems also need to be addressed through the Neural Organization Work protocols. This work is further enhanced by resetting the body's processing systems in relation to each other; whether this is the digestive system, the adrenals, the pancreas, and/or blood sugar handling. Learning disabilities and depression share a common fault: depression of the sphenoid bone to the right and/or left. Once the basic survival systems are operating normally, the practitioner can address learning disabilities and depression, resetting the body to operate efficiently and cheerfully. Adapted from Dr. Charles Kreb's work, Neural Organization Work also addresses Deep Level Switching and Deep Hidden Switching. These are, basically, the brain's response to deep emotional traumas, involving the reticular activating system, the corpus callosum, and the amygdala. The stored traumas appear to maintain for the individual a distance from enjoying life, becoming productive, organizing experiences, coping with stressors. Once the three survival systems are satisfied and operating normally, Immuno-therapy, a unique contribution from Dr. Mitchell Corwin, can reset the immune system function of the spleen, thymus, central nervous system, B and T lymphocytes. Bone infections, pancreas virus, miasms, heavy metal and chemical toxicities, infections can be tagged and the immune system recalibrated to remove them. The result is an individual with a fully functioning immune system with greatly enhanced health and vitality.

Relationship Mediation

Elayne is a trained and practiced family and divorce mediator. She serves as a neutral facilitater for all parties, in order to discover the priorities and resolutions for disputes.

Heal Your Life

Founded by Louise Hays/Heart Inspired Presentations Mentored by Dr. Patricia Crane & Rick Nichols

Elayne has met all the necessary qualifications, and is officially authorized to extend their teaching to others through their own “Heal Your Life®” workshops, study groups and seminars. Heart Inspired Presentations, LLC trains people in principals and practices directly from the book, You Can Heal Your Life® by Louise Hays.

Integrative Healing

Padma Sambavah

The distortions and thought forms of our pain are the pathway to transcendence. The deeper one moves into the fire of transformation, the chakras are cleared from all that is no longer serves us. It is our sacred duty to rewrite our past experiences around our intimacy. The process of lovingly holding the light of presence on our pain is the threshold to healing our imbalances. Elayne shares the Path of Harmonious Masculine and Feminine Template. She has studied this process mingled with other modalities for over 25 years, assisting one to deeply heal and claim our innate birth Rite of pleasure. Studying with powerful Yogis, Elayne has awakened her Kundilini through deeply facing her wounds and transcending polarities in order to inspire Divine Union. This process fills the body with wild aliveness as a sacred temple of Light. Elayne has studied all areas of intimacy including anatomy, physiology, development, the dynamics of intimate relationships, as well as the mechanics of intimate contact/acts. The disciplines to understand human intimacy such as history, sociology, psychology, biology, gender studies, and more, in order to see how intimacy works in the context of social, cultural and religious environments. ~Wikipedia

Life/Intimacy Coaching

Founded by Hilton Johnson Production Niche Coaching

Elayne has completed various specialized coaching techniques, discovering how to harness the energy of niche markets, including intimacy, health, mediation, personal development, and alternative medicine. Elayne completed her training through Hilton Johnson Productions.

*Elayne's philosophy and views are not necessarily the views of her mentors.

Dragon Power

When the sleeping woman awakens, she too will shake the very foundations of this earth, and when she learns to Ride the Dragon of her power and light, all realms will also shake and shudder. For at that time they will know a new existence has come into being. ~ Pistis Sophia
Elayne Le Monde in a red dress
Elayne Le Monde in heels

Quantum Healing

By focusing on the harmony and merging of polarities within the body's intricate design, Elayne's method clears the quantum holographic field and accesses multi-dimensional chakra systems and lightbodies, neutralizing patterns and programs.

Powers of Shakti

Thriving sexual channels are the key to optimal vitality and well-being.The rising powers of Shakti revitalizes the life-force as the innate restorative energy of the body by cleansing the chakras, Light-body system, and the subtle-energy systems of the Nadi's.

Cosmic Feminine

The New template is the power of the Feminine re-birthed through the flow of life force. Her blossoming fragrance exudes the Ambrosia of the Holy Grail; the return to innocence through immersion of sensual communion with the Beloved.


Elayne invokes magnificence in the nurturing, healing, and awakening of the Sacred marriage of the heart.
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