Elayne Le Monde

Founder and Facilitator of Empower Wholeness LLC, Sacred Divine Feminine Rites, Sacred Divine Masculine Rites  The Erotic Creator Rites, Sacred Sexual Sacrament Rites, and Empower Wholeness Transformational Retreats,. Keeper of the Flame of DIvine Union, Sacred Divine Feminine Emissary of Illuminated Light,
Seer,  Quantum Holographic Intuitive, Light Language Activator. 
Specialized in Neuro Energetic Kinesiology, Kinetic Chain Release, LEAP Brain Integration, and Transformational Coach. Attuned Medicine Buddha . 
Elaine Lemon is the legal owner of Empower Wholeness LLC.  Elayne Le Monde LLC is her author/business pen name. 

Elayne Le Monde is Keeper of the Flame of DIvine Union, Sacred Divine Feminine Emissary of Illuminated Light, Seer, Quantum Holographic Intuitive, Light Language Activator, Gate-Keeper, Gridworker, and Way-Shower,  With over 20 years of clinical experience as a Neuro Energetic Kinesiologist, Transformational Coach, Earth Transitions Practitioner, and author.  Elayne invokes magnificence in the nurturing healing and awakening  of the womb, the Sacred marriage of the heart, and the reconnection and  unison with the Galactic Womb of Creation and Mother Gaia.  Inspiring masculine and feminine harmony, she holds the space of limitless conscious creation. Elayne is also a mentor of Sovereign sexuality and empowers the relationship with the Beloved.  In New Earth we must unite in the dream of wholeness as each embodying their Sacred Purpose . Elayne supports one to remember their unique contribution and gifts for this world through deep integration, activations of keys and codes, and the awakening of the Feminine Christ.  

Elayne's world travels have brought her Mastery through her extensive study with some of the world's most honored mentors  and through her travel to Sacred sites from Nepal, Japan, Australia, Greece, Egypt, Germany, Thailand, China, and Hawaii to name a few. Through the model of her own personal healing. transcendence, and transformation;  Elayne assists with the alchemy with one's experiences. She loves to share her depth of wisdom with those that truly desire to activate the Sacred powers within, experience depth in  loving relationships, and witness the multiverse embodiment as co-creators of our reality. 

Derek Lemon
Business Manager
Bowen Technique, Reiki Master, Nutritional specialist, Web Design 

Entrepreneur and triple business major, Derek has worked in several start-ups companies receiving awards for his service. Derek is a fitness coach and has studied health, nutritional supplements, and exercise. Derek specializes in the Bowen Technique, Reiki Master, and life coach. Derek is very empathic in holding the highest place of support for others. 

Connor Lemon
Composition, Sound Design, Video Production, Audio Engineering, Bowen Technique

Connor is a musical composer of an award-winning documentary, feature film, and several short films. He has also composed several works for choreography and solo albums. Connor's music channels energy and emotion into deep introspective journeys of self, with compassionate, focused intent to heal through sound. Connor is highly intuitive and has additionally studied Bowen Technique as method of hands on healing with the body.

McKell Lemon


Improvised Dance Specialist

Pilates & Yoga

Structural Work


Furthering her passiona and love of movement, McKell received her dance training at Chapman University in Orange, California, where she recently graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance Performance and a minor in Integrated Educational Studies. While at Chapman, McKell had the opportunity to present five of her own original choreographic works and received multiple awards for her achievements in performance, choreography, and academics. 


Currently, McKell is pursuing a professional career as a dancer and Pilates instructor in the Los Angeles area, and is in her first season as a company apprentice for Backhausdance Company in Orange, California. 

Discover the backstory of my son's music dedicated to my process of my personal healing journey. www.ConnorLemon.com