My experience with Elayne LeMonde has been life changing. While battling breast cancer for the past few years, I thought had really tried just about everything in my effort to heal: Herbs, cleansing, diet, exercise, all kinds of alternative therapies and so on. I was feeling very discouraged and that my situation was becoming hopeless. A short time later I felt very prompted to visit Elayne. My eyes were opened to the amazing power of spiritual and emotional clearing. I had tried other types of energy work and although I feel those modalities were helpful; Elayne has tools that have enlightened my mind and made me aware of things that I had buried so deep, I was unaware and unable change them. She truly is an amazing healer. I feel so unconditionally loved and supported by her. I am so grateful the changes that I have made, I feel like a different person than I was before. Each session with Elayne offers me another great breakthrough. It is not only the best kind of therapy I have ever had, I find myself frequently thinking that this is what every person on our planet needs for wholeness and happiness. This is getting to the root cause of our problems. Most people spend so much money on doctors and prescriptions usually just to suppress their symptoms, instead we all could be involved in this holistic approach that brings true healing as well as balance and joy. I am so excited about my life and my family and the hope I feel for the future. She has helped me to wake up see the abundant beautiful gifts that are in my life and helped me to truly trust in God and surrender to him. In sharing her great gifts with me she has helped me to find myself and for the first time in my life experience real peace and happiness. I love Elayne very much and I highly recommend her to all that are looking to improve their life in any way.

San Marcos, California


Elayne's 7 day retreat was a life changing experience for me. The energy on the Big Island was amazing. Elayne's wealth of knowledge and healing expertise enabled me to fully transform my old experiences and move on to my next level of the Ascension process. We also had the opportunity to play in the island's diversity and nature, which was deeply appreciated and rejuvinating. If you are ready to transform your life into your highest potential, I stronly encourage you to participate in Empower Wholeness Retreats. Your paradigm will never be the same as you evolve into the true Soul essence of your Being!


The work I have done with Elayne is extensive. From abuse and childhood trauma, I have transcended my difficult story into a place of awareness as the co-creator and manifester of my reality. I can't say enough good things about her nurturing work and expertise.  My investments in myself has returned a hundred fold. I am loving my life that is thriving instead of surviving and it is because of Elayne's work with me that I have been able to live life to the fullest. 


Our relationship was at a stand-still. My husband and I had gone to counselors, with little success and our marriage was rocky. Even though we were honest with the many marriage counselors we saw, we could never really get to the core of the problem that plagued our connection. 

We chose to work with Elayne for a three week intensive retreat. This was a Godsend for us! Through her intuitive gifts and skills; we were able to experience a fluid, interactive process that addressed the deeper, underlying blocks of our marriage. A year after our work with Elayne, we are thriving in our communication and enjoying a new level of vulnerability and intimacy through the implementation of the her work. 

We highly recommend Elayne's intensive work for couples, as well as her distance sessions and hands-on work that have be a life-saver for our health and well-being.  

~Gail and Jon

I met Elayne three years ago while in the midst of a great personal trial. I was in significant physical and emotional pain from a skiing accident which resulted in three surgeries and my husband's decision that he no longer wanted to be married to me. I did not handle the pain or these situations well. I ended up making several choices which further threatened my well-being. I was at the lowest spot in my life and in desperate need of compassion, healing, and guidance. I received all three from Elayne. She has a beautiful, loving heart for those who suffer. Having survived many personal trials herself, Elayne was an example of transcendence for me. Her intuitive capability is astute and highly developed. The guidance she offered me based upon these gifts was wise and valuable. I have experienced energetic healing sessions with Elayne both in person and remotely. I find palpable physical shifts which occurred during these sessions phenomenal. It is difficult to describe the depth of the healing I have known while working with Elayne. I would encourage anyone who suffers, whether physically or emotionally, to experience a session with Elayne. I am eternally grateful for the talents Elayne has shared with the world, and me in particular.  


I asked Elayne Le Monde to do a land/house blessing on a home I am building as I wanted the energy to be clear to move forward without obstructions for this sacred piece of land, as I knew she was a powerful conduit for cosmic forces and extra terrestrial consciousness. Little would I know how powerful and multidimensional were the shifts she would engender. The first thing to happen was a Hawaiian hawk (lo) flew overhead as a blessing from the aumakua (ancestors) so we conncected with the star beings from Hoku Lea, star of Joy and Gladness (Arcturus), Pleiades (seven  sisters) and Sirius. As I blew the pu'ohe (the bamboo didgeridoo) to open the four directions, I had difficulty blowing to the north. She quickly picked up that just over the mountains there was a military base (Pohakuloa) which has heaps of toxic energy. She remedied this by connecting my property at Pu'uhonua o Hanaunau (place of refuge) and Kealakekua Bay (pathway of the Gods) along with other planetary grids and apus. Included were Mauna Kea, Mt Shasta, Mt Denali, Mt Fuji, Mt Kailash, Mt Agung, Uluru Rapa Nui, Machu Picchu, Giza and Delphi.  What a feeling of empowered invincibility giving me "chicken skin" to the max! Next we went to clear a very large citrine crystal given that I had anchoring one quadrant of the house. She picked up that it was actually cursed, something I intuitively knew. By employing powerful shamanic rituals and ceremony, she was able to clear the stone. 

Elayne also cleared several very deep personal blueprints in my DNA that were governing my life in less than freeing ways. I can only say that I am overjoyed by the cosmic, planetary, and personal dimensions that she so expertly activated during her consultation. I would not hesitate to recommend her services to anyone wanting or needing space clearing or personal transitions in any and all dimensions or more. 

~John Float, Dolphin Essence

Working with Elayne is a once-in-a lifetime type of experience. My personal on-going journey with her has led me to a wealth of wisdom, self-love, and connection. Combined with my individual desire to live fully, Elayne's unique skill set and precious gifts have created a world of unlimited discovery in consciousness. Her process provides and supports a beautiful unfolding, remebering and reclaiming my truth within. Elayne redefines the meaning of o waking up! ~Lacie

Genuine heart-opening sessions with Elayne have taught me to truly release my mind and rest in the knowing of my connection with Prime Creator.  Through distance sessions, I was able to feel and sense physical changes immediately and notice shifts in my body. Elayne is truly a gifted healer of love and light. Thank you for birthing me into a new paradigm that is my original blueprint. ~Corey 

 I want to share my deepest gratitude for our distance session. I have never experienced more clearing in one hour of my life. As someone who's done a significant amount of self work through my journey, I know when I've experienced a shift at the very core of my soul. My journey will ever be increased by your gift and light. Five major issues in one hour, I am truly grateful and blessed. Thank you, thank you, dear one. ~Richard


Here is the latest update. Had a new CT Scan Wednesday and the results show a huge improvement. The chemo, prayers, Intergrative modalities and your energy has worked very well. Oncologist called it Jaw Dropping. Plus My CA125 count went from original sample of 4,690 to 8. Oncologist said she has seen 4,000 to 3,000 but never to 8. 


Thank you for your all your work and healing energy. ~ D....