McKell Lemon Photography 

The Elixir of the Goddess 

Ancient traditions have revered the power of the fertility Goddess.  Awakened Shakti through the Kundilini flow, the Mystery of Her sacred medicine is the immortal elixir of life. She is the Divine temple of Creation.  Her nurturing container of  potential births new realities through  the dark light. The Sacred Marriage of Spirit and Matter is her Sovereign gift of purity. Her wild, erotic liberation exudes the fragrance of her flowering sexual awareness, utilizing her sexual/ channels for the revitalization of optimal health and vitality. Her physical communion with Spirit rouses the dragon energy of enlightenment;  full circle in her feminine essence, she merges with the Mother Pearl. The Sacred Marriage ignites the Mystery of the Holy Grail. the eternal fountain  of Living waters,  Ambrosia is the fountain of youth, the release of the ecstatic bliss of Divine. In tears of ecstasy, Her body trembles throughout her form.  Mystery ignited,  the Goddess becomes the Mastery of Her flesh

Her communion with the Masculine energy is a Sacrament; a ceremony of celebration, The union of love passionately ignites within the sacred energy exchange. She is the healing balm of regeneration for Her Beloved through her Living Waters. The power of her Kundilini awakening restores the purest Source of love. Her invitation to the masculine to enter her Holy Temple, the cave of wonders has been written throughout the ages of time. Her Kundiline restores his return to innocence. Through reverence and devotion, his worship of her body and womb awakens the magic of His surrender. Her erotic awareness ignites the pathways of his  Kundilini flow, the Masculine entrance to the deepest union with Source, Their communion creates the foundation of Universal Love, The divine spark of consciousness of the God force,  The fusion of their all-encompassing love is the true creative expression of harmony.  Hieros Gamos is the deepest merging of two whole Sovereign Beings. Through the activation of the third fire, their Union with Pure Source Love is the pathway of wholeness within Human form. Zero-point neutrality of genders, the adrogynous merging is the feminine and masculine unification as One Flesh. Fusion of the third Sacred Fire.  

Sacred Sexual Medicine

Our awakened sexual channels of orgasmic bliss arouse the wild, erotic nature of the Goddess. Spirit dancing within matter, through the unified heart, our sexual energy accesses the dragon power of the Feminine. The healing balm of Sacred medicine comes through the merging and blending of polarities. Through the unification of the feminine and masculine energies within, our physical expression of our sexuality becomes a dance of neutrality between genders. The Siddha of embodied sexual awakening arouses the primordial wisdom and intuitive voice of the womb. 


In our Sovereign state of Being, the Sacred marriage of Shakti with Shiva creates the Trinity with the Divine. The true essence of the Feminine force expressed through the unification of Heaven and Earth, Spirit and Form are One. The mystery within our sexual channels holds the keys to our vitality, restoration of our aliveness, and the resurrected potential of the Sacred medicine of sexuality. Through the aroused Kundilini energy, the deep-seated wounds of the heart are awakened to the truest expression of love. The movement of the sexual flow clears the chakras of out-date programs of pain, harnesses the raw energy of transformation, and awakens the awareness of our Creative powers.  


Through teaching the access of infinite potential through the Kundilini flow, one ignites the creative genius contained within our bodies restores the channels of vitality. The Goddess rising entices the coiling cobra at the base of the spine to ignite the pathway of Ida and Pingala, and the rise of Shakti., restoring the Holy temple of remembrance of our bodies wisdom and communion with Source. This awareness awakens the unique Sacred Purpose of one's descent and the return to the Mystery .

The Divine Mother Arc is the Feminine essence of the Godhead, the 13th Gateway in the Tree of Life, and the emergence with Crystalline Aquamarine Ray. True communion as One with Source, the Sacred Divine Feminine Template restores the Feminine Christ. Our conscious exploration of the mystery is activated through the Sacred worship of the Holy Temple. Harmony comes through infinite quest to Know Thyself, revealed through the Mastery of our body and the communion with the powerful reflection of the Beloved. 


Goddess Mastery 

McKell Lemon Photography 

Elayne Le Monde inspires masculine and feminine harmony. Holding the space of limitless conscious creation as a mentor of Sovereign sexuality. Empowering wholeness between Spirit and Matter, she awakens the remembrance of the Goddess within, inspiring the true communion in the relationship with the Beloved.  Awareness of the body's intricate design and vibrational match of  wholeness, her work with the Sacred Divine Feminine releases the counterfeit programs of the feminine shadow and restores the true template of the Sacred Divine Feminine through the 22 Sacred Divine Feminine Rites  the 22 Rites of The Erotic Creator, the 22 Sexual Sacrament Rites(Sacred Divine Masculine Rites coming soon). 

Elayne supports transition from the shadow feminine to the true template encoded within the DNA. Her gifts as a Seer and Medicine Woman allow her access through Light-Language to reveal information and transcend lower frequencies to a harmonious purity.  Using her gifts of deep integrative healing techniques in the holographic field and physical form, she reads the energy field and rewrites the frequencies of the blocked flow. Light-Language activations release the of keys and codes, the Lemurian codes, and revolution of the Feminine Christ awakening. 


Elayne Le Monde is Keeper of the Flame of Divine UnionSacred Divine Feminine Emissary of Illuminated Light, Seer, Quantum Holographic Intuitive, Light Language Activator, Gate-Keeper, Gridworker, Way-Shower, and Attuned Medicine Buddha. 


Over 20 years of clinical experience as a Neuro Energetic Kinesiologist, LEAP Brain Integration Practitioner, Transformational Coach, Earth Transitions Practitioner, Heal Your Life Workshop Leader, Family and Divorce Mediator, and author.  Elayne invokes magnificence in the nurturing healing and awakening  of the womb, the Sacred marriage of the heart, and the reconnection and  unison with the Galactic Womb of Creation and Mother Gaia. 



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