Empower Wholeness


Elayne Le Monde in Nepal

Empower Wholeness Retreats

Our retreats are advanced spiritual adventures where we deeply commune with the sacred sites of our Great Mother. United, we open portals across the globe, anchoring our divine Light through the krystalline ley lines. The Flame Keepers of Infinite Wisdom are being called to anchor our sacred gifts of unity. We stand in our raw essence and beauty; pulsing as ONE our united vision as embodied Gods and Goddess.

September 2025


The center of the world holds the wisdom and powers of the Oracle. The sacred sites awaken the remembrance within us the Goddess keys and codes.
Thanos Gkirinis

September 2026


Peaceful mastery is lived in a state of presence and harmony, a model Bhutan ignites through our awareness of Joy.
Aaron Santellices

Empower Wholeness Retreat

The wild, nature of our passion blazes it's radiant light through our balanced softness and strength. The Divine Goddess is restored through the arousal of the infinite. Available at a location near you. Please inquire.
Elayne Le Monde

Details Coming Soon

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Group on a Hawaii Retreat
Banff Lake
Egypt pyramids
Elayne Le Monde in Nepal


Elayne invokes magnificence in the nurturing, healing, and awakening of the Sacred marriage of the heart.
Sand dollar