Attune to Your Ovulation

Our bodies have a sacred rhythm, Our cycles are usually regular so as we learn to listen to our body temples, we recognize the gifts, therein. Usually, 12-16 days before our menstruation, women ovulate.

Ovulation is the time that we are the most fertile, and likely feeling more sexy and desiring sexual relations. Our pheromones release the fertility fragrance, and our partner senses our heightened attraction during this time.

Ovulation is when our bodies release the ovum from our ovaries. The egg travels through the fallopian tubes into the uterus, where it awaits to be fertilized, but fertilization can also occur in the fallopian tubes. This time period is usually only a few days a month. The increase in estrogen during ovulation causes the uterus lining to thicken; in order to create a safe environment for the embryo to grow. When the ovum is not fertilized, the body naturally sloughs off the lining of the uterus, which causes our menstrual cycle to begin.

In addition, there is a secretion made by the cervix glands that creates a cervical mucous during ovulation. The mucous can be stretchy, white, cloudy, or clear. The lubrication of the mucous supports the sperms passage to inseminate the ovum.

Most woman track their menstrual cycle, and now it’s more important than ever, to be in tune to our ovulation process, as well. If your cycle is not regular, this method may not work for you. Women’s cycles vary and 28 days is an average cycle, but not always the norm.

Often, an ovum is dropped in a state of trauma. It is important to monitor your ovulation and use contraception if you truly don’t want a child.

As one learns to synchronize with her body, avoiding sexual relations during the days of ovulation, or at a minimum, using some form of contraception; you likely will not get pregnant. There are also ovulation kits you may use to monitor your body closely throughout this time.

It is important for us to learn how to listen and communicate with our bodies. The feminine form is so intricately designed. The voice of our womb carries an important wisdom. Knowledge allows us to make healthy choices, returning our power to accept pregnancy only when a woman chooses.