Feminine Aliveness

The beauty of our power lies within the connection of our hearts and hara’s. As one takes responsibility for their form, we discover our potential through the witness of our repression.

The embodiment of our feminine essence is a miraculous unfoldment. Sadly, the modern woman has not been taught the sacredness contained within her blood. She has been made ashamed of her cycles and forced to work a job through her darkest moments of sloughing emotional disharmony.

Our traumas around our menstruation cycle can be transformed into lovingly, honoring experiences as we dare to awaken and witness the mystery within the feminine cycles.

Our bodies hurt because of trapped emotions associated with painful experiences of our allowing of inauthentic sexual encounters. The intrusions of our body temple create a misalignment in our cycles when we accept misuse.

All physical imbalances are due to restrictions on our flow of energy. We are also influenced by environmental toxins and our unbalanced hormones. Physical disorders stem from unconscious emotional dissonance that seeks to surface and become aware in order to alchemize the suffering.

Chemical imbalances also occur through using feminine products that are toxic and harmful to the delicate tissues of our most sacred parts.

To restore the health and vitality of our vagina’s, we must be willing to face the feelings of abuse and the shame of our surrender. Experiences we have buried alive in order to survive, await our compassionate awareness and merging.

Our bodies are designed to repair and heal. We have blindly accepted our painful moments as a life-long drudgery. Yet, it is an unconscious agreement of separation of our authentic self. Our shadows run deep within the feminine gender because we have not been taught the wonderment that exists within.

Our true expression of our sexual essence emerges when we are willing to heal our agreements and alignments of inhibition. Our unconscious beliefs are manifesting as discomfort because our feminine expression yearns to know the magic of its playful discovery of the authentic Self.

As one embarks on a journey of honoring our cycles, we unearth emotions through our courage to face our nightmares and fears. It is the only path to reclaim the shattered fragments remaining within our cellular memories.

All healing is our individual responsibility as the guardian of our body. The sacred marriage of Spirit and form is the rainbow bridge and avenue to embrace our unlimited powers of creation. Our womb’s wisdom is seeking to speak through the voice of our center; where Source is witnessed through a pure connection revealed through the ecstasy of our aliveness.