Power of Pele

I summoned Pele to purify me with Her dancing passion and heat. Her searing acceptance blazed through my core until I claimed defeat.

She reveled in my surrender, molten lava silenced my fight. Pele devoured all I was and awakened deep insight.

She revealed the toxic brew within, an elixir for my smoldering hate. She stripped my foundation to the core, my dreams she’d annihilate.

Consumed in the fiery inferno, filled with anger and disgrace; I drank deeply from Her cauldron, and begged for Infinite Grace.

Pele had her way with me, her fires devoured my world. Her plumes strangled my gasping breath, Her searing was unfurled.

In the ashes of the past, the raw energy remains. The magic of Her rapture, is the strength NOW mine to claim.

The refiner’s fire purifies the diamond in the rough. Therein lies the Goddess’ brilliance, the witness that ALL is love.