Womb Mastery

I am certainly not siding with any laws that govern our body’s rights and privileges. We each know what is best for our path, every decision is in alignment with our Soul’s journey. Each individual must make their own choice.

Yet, through my twenty plus years as an alternative healing practitioner; I am here to testify of the life-long battle and judgment that occurs within a woman that chooses abortion over mothering. Years into their future they still struggle with their decision, wonder about the loss of their unknown child, and banter with how life would be different if they had they selected mothering. Most decisions to abort came from a place of fear and lack.

None of these women made the choice out of callousness. Through deep discussion with the impregnated womb, they agreed with the best course they knew at the time. Brave women that have gone against the grain of society’s values and discovered what aligns for them. A secret many carry within their mind with no support throughout the entire process. Silence is the price they pay to avoid society’s judgment of their journey.

We are powerful Creator’s, orchestrating the direction of our lives through the morphogenic field of reality. We may use a softer means to release an unwanted child, I have done it many times with my clients through receiving clarity with each Soul’s mutual design. Simply speaking to the unborn child’s essence, time alignments are selected. Through this process, the mother’s body naturally releases the unwanted pregnancy. Our bodies are uniquely designed to align to our voice of love.

We are not victims of our wombs. We are Masters. Soul’s do not come to Earth by accident. Yet, usually in the most inconvenient times of life, a baby is conceived in order to redirect your course. Only you know the truth of your journey.