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Elayne Le Monde

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Elayne Le Monde

Elayne is the Mondadic emissary for Sacred Divine Feminine. Her gifts as a Mystic access the Krystalline Templates of the Cosmic Mother. Attuning to Goddess keys and codes through tonal vibrations; she unveils the Mysteries of the Feminine essence by creating harmonic balance of Goddess within. Empowering awareness of the body temple's intricate design; alchemy is discovered through clearing the holographic field, accessing multi-dimensional chakras system & lightbodies, utilizing healing oracle gifts, and re-writing the neural pathways through neutralizing patterns and programs in the Quantum Field. Inspiring spiritual embodiment, Elayne teaches the art of self-discovery, exploratoration, innate sensual intelligence, and the arousal of the Shakti and Shiva channels.

Elayne's Reflections

Keeper of the Flame of Divine Union, Elayne mentors masculine and feminine harmony, teaches mastery as Erotic Creators, and activates the keys and codes of Divine Union through hieors gamos.

Your Journey Begins

Elayne's work releases the counterfeit programs of the feminine shadow and restores the true template of the Sacred Divine Feminine.

The Language of Light

Light Language is an Eternal Language, activating within our unconscious the keys and codes of our evolution. As the tonal frequencies resonate sound, the particles and light-wave forms within our krystalline structure begin to reorganize; releasing the out-dated patterns and programs of our lower dimensional realities.

Light Language Activations are attunements, similar to using a tuning fork. The tonal frequencies access the krystal lightcodes encoded within our DNA. Attuning the dormant unconsciousness, in order to reveal our divine remembrance to access the quantum potential.

Elayne's gifts as a Seer and Medicine Buddha reveal information that transcends the lower mental constructs and belief systems. As one attunes to the frequencies of the tonal vibrations, it arouses the innate krystalline blueprint to awaken our dormant awareness. Elayne's sensitivity holds a state of harmonious purity, quickening one's internal consciousness. As a result, the outer reality must upgrade.

Elayne uses her gifts to invoke deep, integrative healing techniques. Light Language offers the keys and codes to rewrite our holographic field, activating Soul integration from the micro to the macro. Light Language is a tool to quicken our physical form, which synchronizes a new reality in our outer environment. Timestreams shift through releasing any limitations or blockages to zero-point neutrality. Our Ancient Knowing awakens through the rise of the Cosmic Feminine, creating balance in the human species in all genders; female, male, and two-Souls.
To receive the most of the Light Language attunements, listen in a meditative state and receive the downloads in your holographic field. Breathe deeply as an invocation to receive the transfer of energy. Become the observer of the sensations and feelings arising within you as you listen. Write about your discoveries through this transmission. Return often, as messages are unveiled within the spiral of your expansion, revealing dimensional access through repetitive experiences.


Elayne invokes magnificence in the nurturing, healing, and awakening of the Sacred marriage of the heart.
Elayne Le Monde walking in the forest