Sacred Divine Feminine


Elayne Le Monde sitting on a crystal rock

Holy Grail

Shakti awakened through the Kundilini flow, unveils the Mystery of Her sacred medicine; the immortal elixir of life. She is the Divine temple of the Creatrix. Her nurturing container of potential births new realities through the Black Light.

Healing Intimacy

Elayne Le Monde

The true healing potential exists dormant within, through reverence for your body temple. Discover how to restore the healing powers of your intimacy. Rewrite your sensual patterns and programs dictated to you from the unconscious collective. Heal the thought-forms and belief systems that keep you in the loops of illusion around your sensual exchanges. NOW is the time to harness the raw energy of your pain to create alchemy, deep transcendence, and true awakening to the powers of manifestation and co-creation with Pure Source.

Sovereign Intimacy

Founded by Elayne Le Monde

The rising mystery within our sensual channels holds the keys to our vitality, restoration, and our aliveness. In our wholeness, we access the potential of the sacred medicine of our sensuality. The awakened Kundilini energy, restores full-circle the deep-seated wounds of the heart and hara. We receive alchemy of our sorrow, arousing the truest expression of Self-love. The movement of the sensual flow clears the chakras of out-dated programs of pain; while harnessing the raw energy of transformation. We awaken to the awareness of our creative powers and infinite potentials. In our Sovereign state of Being, the sacred marriage of Shakti and Shiva creates the 3rd fire, the Trinity with the Divine. The true essence of the Feminine force is discovered through the unification of Heaven and Earth; Spirit and Form become One.

Sensual Goddess

Founded by Elayne Le Monde

Ancient traditions have revered the power of the fertility Goddess. Awakened Shakti through the Kundilini flow, the Mystery of Her sacred medicine is the immortal elixir of life. Her physical communion with Spirit arouses the dragon energy of enlightenment; full circle in her feminine essence, she merges with the Mother Pearl. The Sacred Marriage ignites the Mystery of the Holy Grail. Releasing the eternal fountain of Living waters, Ambrosia is the fountain of youth, the ecstatic bliss of Divine. The mystery is ignited, as the Goddess becomes the Mastery of Her flesh.

Sacred Medicine

Founded by Elayne Le Monde

The wild, erotic nature of the Goddess lies dormant within the Hara. To arouse the channels of ida (yin,dark,negative,magnetic) and pingala (masculine, light, positive, electric), one must entice the coiled 'cobra' at the base of the spine to rise. The movement of the sensual channels creates a pump-like motion within the cerebral spinal fluid. The cerebral spinal fluid contains tiny crystals which when crushed release the body's innate spirit molecule, DMT. The pressure of the rising sensual channels stimulates the movement of the central channel, called the sushmna. As the ida and pingala rise up, they cross over the sushmna channel, meeting in the center. The vibrations clear the out-dated programs, cleanse the distortions within the chakra system, and bring a state of harmony within the form. Spirit dancing within matter, the unified heart and hara merge through the rainbow rays. Their function is to heal and restore our body, offering accesses to the dragon power of the Feminine force, Shakti. The healing balm of sacred medicine comes through the merging and blending of polarities. Through the unification of the feminine and masculine energies within, our physical expression of our sensuality becomes a dance of neutrality between genders. The embodied sensual awakening merges with the primordial wisdom and intuitive voice of the womb.

Erotic Creator

Founded by Elayne Le Monde

Her feminine communion with the Masculine energy is a Sacrament; a ceremony of celebration, The union of love passionately ignites within the sacred energy of exchange. She is the healing balm of regeneration for Her Beloved through her Living Waters. The power of her Kundilini awakening restores the purest Source of love. Her invitation to the masculine to enter her Holy Temple, the cave of wonders, has been written throughout the ages of time. Kundilini restores his return to innocence. Through reverence and devotion of his worship of her body and womb, he awakens the magic of His surrender.

Womb Wisdom

Elayne Le Monde

The Creatrix's nurturing womb is the container of all potential; birthing new realities through the dark light of the Void. The sacred marriage of spirit and matter is her sovereign gift of purity. Through her wild, erotic liberation she exudes the fragrance of the rose. Her flowering awareness blooms from the arousal of her sexual channels; revitalizating her body, she receives optimal vitality as her gift. The womb is the sacred container of manifestation. Merged with the spark of the masculine, the third fire of transcendence amchors through her divine temple, the portal between Source and Earth.

Holy Grail

Elayne Le Monde

Through reverence and devotion of Holy worship of her body temple, Shakit arouses the magic of Shiva through His surrender. Their communion creates the foundation of Universal Love. The divine spark of consciousness of the God-force is activated through the fusion of true harmony through the powers of Shakti. Hieros Gamos is the deepest form merging of two whole Sovereign Beings. Their Union with Pure Source Love is a worm-hole into other dimensional realities; only available through the unification as One Flesh.

Erotic Liberation

Her wild, erotic liberation exudes the fragrance of her flowering sensual awareness. Utilizing her life-force channels, she is vitality and optimal well-being. Aroused through the dragon energy; her darkness leads Her to the path of innocence, embracing full-circle the Mother Pearl.
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Sovereign Sensuality

The healing balm of Sacred medicine comes through the merging and blending of polarities. Through the unification of the feminine and masculine energies within, our physical expression of our sensuality becomes a dance of neutrality between genders; igniting the third fire of transcendence.

Holy Grail

Arousing the Mystery of the Holy Grail; Amrita is the fountain of youth. Her release is the gateway to ecstatic bliss, the eternal fountain of Living waters. Through the rembrance of womb's wisdom, she claims her creative Feminine force.

Embody the Goddess

One with Source, the Sacred Divine Feminine Template restores the Cosmic Feminine. The Mastery of our embodiment comes through merging with our Sovereign Sensuality. The Divine Mother Arc is the Feminine essence of the Goddess, the 13th Pillar Gateway, and the infinite power of the Mother of Dragons. Honoring the Law of One, the Sacred Divine Feminine Template restores the Cosmic Feminine Mystery through the Aqua/Blue Rays of Light and the Kryst-Krystallah Heart.

Be the Mystery

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Elayne Le Monde sitting on a crystal rock

Divine Rapture

Divine Rapture has one purpose alone - to kill desire in order that a new awareness can dawn. The higher your frequency rises, the more you must surrender to the Divine currents that are waiting to burn you into a higher state of consciousness. We can only truly belong in the world when we utterly be our longing. ~ Gene Keys by Richard Rudd