Distorted Reality

Hidden in plain sight, the distortions of our reality are molded through the projections of the media throughout society. Billboards, magazines, and all sorts of advertisements bombard us with swaying messages to pursue life as if we are on pleasure island. The allure of wealth and the ability to obtain more material possessions, encourages us to invest in the luxuries of life. We live to work for the power to acquire more goods and shallow experiences in order to escape our hearts truth.

This same agenda has been fed to us around our sexuality. So confused through the propaganda of our sexual liberation; we become enslaved to our addictions, which separates us from true connections. Continually seeking a more attractive, wealthy, or adventurous experiences; the alluring power persuades one to give up their truest desires of intimacy and union for the pleasure of the moment. The insensitive nature of our sexual exchanges leaves one with an insatiable quest to consume more and more experiences.

Our innate chemistry within our body is designed to secrete healing and regenerative hormones accessed through our sacred exchange of love. Yet, those who open to heart connections through our sexual exchange are often mocked for our gullibility, when our partners treat sex as a sport that has no lasting value or meaning.

Through lovingly inviting our bodies to participate in our own personal wonder and exploration, we unlock the gifts of true healing. First we must face our pain, harness the power of our repression; which awakens the healing force of our regeneration. Honoring the sacredness of our sexual exchanges through true vulnerability and reverence, brings one into a state of bliss and communion with Source through the awakening life-force of Shakti/Shiva.

The healing powers of our playful, restorative bonds may only be developed through a state of devotion, honor, and trust that comes from the surrender of our heart.