Feminine Rising

Women are the portals between Source and earth. Woman's wombs are the sacred containers that seed, birth, and grow the thought-forms of the spark of the masculine. Our gender was created through divine order and it cannot be diminished.

The feminine (yin energy) must rise within all genders to create a balance with the masculine (yang energy). This is an important process in our spiritual awareness. Our sexuality is being hijacked through the explicit media, pornography, and distortions so we may no longer have the awareness of the powers within our form. We must not bypass the powerful beauty that exists within the awakened form.

Most people are not aware of the power of our sexual exchanges, the access to our life-force energy that is available within our kundilini flow, and the consciousness one may know when we fully respect and honor our physical body that Soul chose for this earthly experience.

To create balance within society, the feminine contribution must be recognized. As we bring our sacred honor into balance, healing begins for humanity. The mothers play a vital role in the attitudes and belief systems of the next generation.