Portal to Source

Women are portals between heaven and earth. Through this role, we are a viable contributors toward the shifting of HUmanity. We mold the world through our nurturance, teaching the next generation the beauty of our feminine design.

Women are the unsung heroes that deserve to be fully acknowledged and appreciated, valued, and respected, especially from ourselves. The feminine have depleted our bodies beyond exhaustion, loved to the depths of our heart, and given more than we ever knew was possible.

The wounds of our ancestors will not be passed on through us, for we hold the highest vision of expanding consciousness for Mother Earth.

Our full range of emotions attune us to waning and waxing cycles and rhythms of life. These gifts are our superpowers as we harness the raw energy to manifest a new reality.

We are the guardians and wisdom keepers of peace. Our inner harmony creates a ripple of love. The shift in the consciousness of humanity begins within our homes, cultures, societies, and environment.

We are here to heal the tragedies we have endured, in order to anchor the new light of our alchemy upon our planet. Our Soul chose all of our experiences. The true gift lies in the discovery of why, for then the raw energy of evolution is freely available to us for new creation.

The depth and width of our discovery has been the ever-evolving grandeur of this life’s adventure. To Be still and Know I AM, is the greatest quest of All.