Science has become the replacement for Spirit in many people’s minds. In the western world, we have been taught to blatantly accept statistics as facts. While most medical authorities are working within the constructs and guidelines of their profession, it is important to remember that the medical system is designed to be a source of revenue. The industry makes money by keeping their patients in a loop of refilling prescriptions and repeating their visits.

Until one has navigated the medical and holistic field of medicine in order to truly save their life, as I have, one doesn’t fully understand the complexity of the issue. There is an absolute need for our medical facilities; particularly if you are bleeding, broken, or have a disease. Indeed, conscientious people in the medical industry exist, yet the system is not designed to maintain and regenerate our optimal health and well-being.

Our bodies have the capacity to heal and regenerate. Every seven years our entire cellular structure replaces itself. Our degenerative health comes from not only honoring the basic needs of the body which include detoxification, using food for fuel and rejuvenation, and maintaining movement in order to keep the muscles, bones, facia tissue, heart, lungs, lymph, and other systems circulating oxygen and nutrients to enrich our health.

Oriental cultures have successfully used energy medicine for over 3000 years. Our 14 meridian channels are connected to each chakra, organ, glandular system, teeth structure, and other subtle energy bodies and systems. At an optimal frequency and emotional neutrality, our bodies are able to transcend outdated beliefs and thought-forms, healing and restoring our vitality.

In Western culture, alternative medicine has been discredited through science. Highly intelligent people have overlooked that all is connected in our holographic reality. Through healing our shadows frequencies, the electro-magnetic cohesion ignites from the macro to the micro, rewriting wavelengths and particles frequencies that are always seeking the highest potential of homeostasis.

Our Mastery comes as we learn to manage our frequency. Our cellular memory is the record keeper of all of our experiences. Feelings buried alive that have not been faced and transcended will create imbalances within a particular body part where the emotion has been trapped. Once an imbalance has occurred, the weak system borrows energy from another body system, and like a domino, effect dis-ease occurs. When weakened cells replicate unhealthy cells, the aging process demands more energy to repair our declining health.

Even though our DNA is encoded through our genetic inheritance, all predispositions of illness come from thought-forms and emotions of our collective family group mind. We must feel it, to heal it. Please stop giving your authority away to health organizations. Do your research. We heal when we face our shadow and allow the discordant energy to merge back into wholeness through love. Our shadow holds the parts of us we judge and repress. Through our observation of the imbalance, the gems of wisdom are discovered in the pain. Dare to touch the pain. We have the power to heal every imbalance and disease within our bodies by integrating the shattered Soul fragments of our trauma.