Twin Flames

While I am NOT a fan of the terms of Karmic relationships, Soulmates, and Twin Flames; let me explain my definition of Karmic, Soulmate, and Twin Flame relationships since inquiring minds want to know.

A karmic relationship is a person who is a karmic debt. These people come into our lives to trigger deeper emotions, allow us to recognize our imbalances in the way we are relating, and awaken us to our unconscious belief systems around ourselves and our patterns of relating. Usually, these relationships are co-dependent and increasingly become toxic to our everyday living out of desperation and longing for what the relationship ‘could be’.

Soulmates are relationships that are fairly easy. You simply click from the beginning of the connection which provides comfort, compatibility, and peace. Soulmate relationships are not always romantic, some may be platonic. Soulmates provide for growth, companionship, and deep friendship. We have a natural flow with these connections and they are very supportive.

Twin Flames are said to be a split off from our true divine potential at the a highest level of consciousness and dimension. They “complete” us, or so they say.

Twin Flame relationships are deeply loving. They invite our partner and self to become the BEST version of Self.

Twin Flames are challenging in the fact that you are so in tune with your partner that nothing can not be unveiled. In our rawness and vulnerability, we must always be honest and transparent to heal the unconscious beliefs we have made in our karmic connections. We experience our Twin Flame as part of ourself and desire them to grow and evolve with us in equality.

The problem with the ‘Twin Flame’ illusion is that many people desire this connection so much; they hang on to Karmic relationships even though all the red flags, abuse, and triggers are poignant. Truth is, through the Law of Attraction we do NOT align to our ‘Twin Flame’ until we have done serious internal work and transcendence. Love does not hurt. Love is depth of intimacy; In-To-Me-You-SEE. In a ‘Twin Flame’ connection we desire the highest outcome for not only ourself but also for partner. We take them as a part of ourself, and their needs and desires are equally as important as ours. Growth and commitment within our sacred container of communion is always the sole focus in our relating; as we recognize this is the most holy union we may experience.

If a relationship is difficult and we are experiencing many roller-coasters of emotion; no matter whether they are a ‘Karmic’, ‘Soulmate’ or ‘Twin Flame’; our responsibility to ourselves is to leave and never go back to an unhealthy environment. Potentially, we see what all the relationship ‘could be’. But in your presence, you know the truth by the way it feels.

Love doesn’t hurt, Love heals.