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45 Video Lessons that Transcend your Outdated Intimacy Wounds, Awaken your Authentic Essence, and Mentor you to become both the Observer and the Observed - Through your Embodiment.
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The Process Reveals The Fragmented Aspects Of Your Sensual Wounds And Experiences.

By neutralizing emotions of protection, you’ll learn to welcome the most vulnerable aspects of your true self, revealed only through sacred intimacy.

In your genuine states of ecstasy, your body accesses the no-mind power of regeneration. The heights of your bliss come through unification with spirit and form.

The healing balm for your restoration is accessed through deep surrender to love, inviting your sensuality, mind, emotional body, and soul to unify as a whole.

Activating the healing of your endocrine system, Oxytocin is the love hormone that is only available through your sensual surrender to relaxation offered through the gifts of love and self-awareness.
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Healing Intimacy Is A Course Designed To Bring The Slivers Of Your Suffering, Repression, And Sorrow Around Your Sensuality To The Forefront.

Holographic techniques are used to compassionately witness, neutralize and forgive yourself.
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Healing Intimacy Includes 45 Video Lessons Designed To Trigger Your Deepest Memories And Neutralize The Unconscious War Within..
...as a spiritually centered being, the invitation of wholeness awaits your passionate, sensual unveiling.
Elayne Le Monde on an assortment of computer device displays
The depth of this healing course is equivalent to paying 5 figures in professional therapy costs, with years of investment into the healing process. Take advantage of this online opportunity to do your own healing in the privacy of your own home.
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The Healing Intimacy Course Is Designed to Bring Awareness to Your Unconscious Patterns and Break Through the Repetitive Cycles
The Healing Intimacy is a course designed to bring the slivers of your suffering, repression, and sorrow around your sensuality to the forefront. Holographic techniques are used to compassionately witness, neutralize, and forgive yourself.
  • Learn to become the guardian of your body through listening to your inner truth.
  • Learn To fully embrace your heightened ability to receive pleasure, the course encourages personal vulnerability and true intimacy.
  • Regenerate the connection of your heart and hara, clear and cleanse your lower chakras, and arouse your unique gifts.
Every session walks one through a deeper awareness of one's behavior, invokes awareness and personal responsibility, and allows one to re-write their unconscious actions to alignment with the true powers of our sensual exchange.
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This course allowed me to surrender the repressed hurt, anger, and pain that was tied up in my body. Before starting this process I was an angry, wounded, and very needy person. Now, I am strong and confident in myself. I have learned to heal my behaviors in order to have the deep relationship I have always yearned for. Life is beautiful now and I have the relationship of my dreams.
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The techniques, tools, and methods of this course have opened a new perception around building a compassionate, healing relationship with not only myself, but also my partner. Thank you for your guidance around true sacred relationships. Your awareness has aroused a whole new level of perception.
Sarah Smiling
This course got me to the core of my issues. The guidance it offers gave me a model to work with my shadow. Utilizing the healing tools, I learned to strengthen my connection with my body energetically. I deeply value this new relationship with myself. I would repeat this sacred process again in a heart-beat.
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Your Healing Journey Begins Today
Awaken Your True Sensual Potential
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